Why use a publishing company? Very easy: It’s very cheap (or without any costs) and you have a lot of advantages which normally would cost you a fortune. Please see below what we can do for you:

  • Promotion via our platforms with connection to thousands of journalists and Metal fans
  • Newsletter promotion via our publishing page with news according to your band!
  • Selling your CD or LP via our own webshops and selling partners with direct cash to you
  • Provision of samples (digital) to our pool of thousands of journalists worldwide relevant for your product)
  • Provision of samples (physical) to relevant magazines (for this we need finished products from you! We cover the postage costs!)
  • Contacting labels for your album release, to help you sign a record contract
  • Although you are free to sign with any label or release your CD on your own we will offer you extra cheap conditions for a CD/LP-fabrication and/or merchandise
  • Checking out contract offers for you and giving advice whether it’s better to sign or not or which changes should be done to have a fair deal for you! So don’t hesitate if you have any doubts!
  • We do all digital commercialisation for you and pay the profit amount directly to you. We count down the fees from the platforms and handling, so you have to do nothing!
  • We give you our publishing logo for your webpage to show that you work with a publishing house, so you are not a “no name”.

What we need from you?

  • A signed publishing contract from the song- and lyricswriter(s) of your band so that we may work for you
  • If you are a member of a collecting society (GEMA etc.) there will be no costs for you for max. 9 months before and 3 months after the release. You are obliged to release an album in this period via any label. If you don’t do so we have to charge you as a non-collecting-society-member with a very small fee (see next point). If an album is released in this time, there are no costs for you. 9 months before your next album release you can start to use all our work again under the same conditions…..or you leave it, if you don’t want.
  • If you are not a member of a collecting society (GEMA etc. ) we charge once (this means for all above concerning one forthcoming album!) only EUR 220,00 (plus VAT) for: postage costs (physical  copies), handling, paperwork and digital fees (yes, only this small amount including all the points offered above! We only give the hard fact costs on to you, nothing else). No further payment!

Great, isn’t it? Why do we do this for nearly nothing?
We don’t offer this to everyone. It’s only an option for bands we believe in, and we want to help them to get to a higher status.
Our profit is the promotion for our Pure Steel Publishing Company, if your band takes the next steps to fame!

We already have many bands working with us, so if you need recommendations about us, don’t hesitate to ask!